electrolyte tools are not always expensive


              In this life we are in demand for environmentally friendly living, with the lives we can reduce the environmental impact of globalization. Therefore we must use recycled materials in order to have a litter better value. In this chemistry assignment I created a simple tool electrolyte. In this task I am guided by Mr. Chandra. It is intended to support the high school program, SMA  N 1 Bangil is (adiwiyata).

Tools and Materials:
1. Cable (former)
2. Small light bulb lamp (used)
3. Place a small light bulb (former)
4. 4 small batteries
5. place the battery
6. Provide a place to put electrolytes tool, I used plywood (used)
7. carbon rod
8. scissors
9. adhesive

The results of the manufacturing tools electolyte



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